About Malta - Property North

Malta is situated in the central Mediterranean sea between Sicily and Tunisia with this strategic position giving great importance to this small island as from pre historic times. This same position is also strategic since Malta’s accession in the European Union in 2004 which has seen a boom in it’s economic activity thanks to it’s financial services and online gaming sectors. It’s thriving economy is further supported by an ever increasing tourism sector. Malta’s political system helps to build a very stable political scenario which gives confidence to investors. In fact Malta’s economy is one of the best performers in the European Union Block.

Why investing in Real Estate in Malta?

Malta’s history provides a very good guideline indicating the stability of real estate prices over the years and show that traditionally real estate investment in Malta is a very solid investment. Sound banking ethics and age old tradition of the Maltese general public (98%) believing in investing in brick and mortar has been a major contributing factor and reasons why the Malta real estate market avoided the ill-fated real estate crash that hit Europe by storm a few years ago.
Availability of Properties

On our website our customers can have a look of a handpicked selection of some of the finest properties available. Obviously more properties are available and one should contact us for more information. Finding the right property for our customers is our main aim.

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