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Selling You Property

Taking the plunge to sell your home might feel overwhelming. Together with our team of experts, we can help you through the selling process. We can help by giving the right valuation to your property and help you to find the right clients and eventually concluding the deal.

What does the whole process involve?

  1. Giving the correct price to your property is fundamental. Overpricing your property will make it much more difficult to sell and could make you loose money in the long run since over pricing puts the property in a bad light with potential buyers. Under valuating your property could make you loose thousands. We are a group of agents who specialize in our area and as such we are constantly in touch with the market. With our expertise we can valuate and put your property for sale at the right market price
  2. Showcasing your property – With so much new developments coming on the market, you have to make your property stand out from the rest. We offer professional photography and photo editing together with cutting edge 360 degrees photography and property virtual tours to make sure your property has the edge on other similar properties.
  3. With online presence ranging from LinkedIn, Facebook and our own website together with professional marketing campaigns help us market your property to reach potential customers. We also make sure that only highly qualified customers view your property so as to minimize inconvenience.
  4. We offer various packages which can be used according to your needs. These vary from exclusive listing which benefit from professional photography, dedicated website, artistic impressions and brochures. Apart from these tools, targeted marketing campaigns are also included in the commission to Sole Agency packages who also include professional photography but at a reduced commission rate. These are our preferred packages since these offer the best professional service for our clients together with less inconvenience caused by loads of agents under cutting prices and using clients’ properties to sell other properties.
  5. We also work with other experts ranging from architects to notaries who can help our customers in case they need any help in these fields.

If you want our help in selling your property or you need more information please do not hesitate to contact us on 79803764 or 79604744.

We can also offer a free valuation of your property.

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